Some men are driven by a sense of discovery. Some believe in the journey as much as the arrival. Some understand that legacy is created every day. KIYUME translates to “male” in Swahili but its meaning exceeds and confounds traditional interpretations of masculinity.

KIYUME is a lifestyle. It creates a place for men where confidence, masculinity and creativity coexist with an ever-changing, curated collection of jewelry, accessories and unique finds.

The store’s revolutionary concept features a bar, an area of traditional board games and an armchair exclusively for shoe shining, among others. This new and relaxing space is built with rich and dynamic textures, combined in a subtle palette of colors and patterns.

KIYUME is presented by Grupo Reinhold. The store is located in the main entrance hall of the first level of Plaza Las Américas between Reinhold Jewelers and David Yurman.

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